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Tug-a-roll Dog Toy

Tug-a-roll is a two-parter project. Started as a quick introductory project to pet design, Tug-a-roll quickly turned into an idea worthy of crowdfunding. In fact, Tug-a-roll won the 2022 Pratt Kickstarter Idea Award. With its abstract form, unobtrusive colors, and innovative features, Tug-a-roll is fit for owners to fidget, pets to play with, and any modern home interior. Check the crowdfunding page for more details and see the design in action.


Pet Design, Physical Prototype, Kickstarter Campaign


4 Months



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Dog Toy

Tug-a-roll Dog Toy is a toy designed for you, your dogs, and your home. Your dogs may not care about what their toys look like, but you should! Dog toys on the market tend to be eye sores in our homes. Cheesy colors and tacky looking bone shape toys.  Don't litter your beautifully renovated home with cheap plastic bones and tacky-looking toys. Tug-a-roll is the modern dog toy for the modern home.

Your dogs' toy can be your toy too. It can be something that keeps them engaged and also something for you to fidget with.

Tug-a-roll is formed to fit your dog's mouth and held by their paws. Stop frustrating your dog with hard to hold on dog bones and hard to chew bone ends. Let them chew away comfortably at Tug-a-roll's tender and durable material, cleaning their teeth as they chew.

Tug-a-roll is chunky and durable enough for them to chew on and for you to play tug with them.  Tug-a-roll is sculpted to perfectly fit your grip as you play tug with your dog. Their chew toy can be more than just a chew toy. Tug-a-roll is more than just a chew toy. It is a fidget toy, tug toy, home decoration, and an irregular bounce ball! 


Most self-play dog toys rely on kibbles to keep pets engaged, but they are either too easy, difficult, or dangerous for pets to get out. Tug-a-roll tries to improve on that by engaging pets through peanut butter and motions other than wobbling. The design allows the toy to "roll" in a meandering movement when pushed. Together with cavities for peanut butter, Tug-a-roll will continue to meander as pets try to lick off the peanut butter.

Don't worry about your toys leaving trails of treats on the floor. Tug-a-roll securely holds the peanut butter in place so it never touches the floor. The smell of peanut butter also linger on the toy even after they are gone, keeping your pet engaged even without treats. 


Design & Features

Tug-a-roll is inspired by the mathematical geometry shape, "sphericon". By following the basic geometry rules of a sphericon, tug-a-roll was able to sculpted and form to include features suitable for a dog's play style. The two perpendicular edge of the toy provide not only a chunky edge for your pet to chew on, but also a groove to hold on while playing tug with your pet. The edges also holds cavity for peanut butter. Your pet will have to constantly dig their nose into the toy as it meanders around the floor. 

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Happy Customers

Let's have the happy customers speak for the design.

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