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Hearth Candle

Hearth is a wood wick candle designed for Joya Studio. Through interviews and studio visits, the goal was to identify Joya studio's brand value, aesthetic, and manufacturing capabilities. As a small candle and perfume studio, developing an elegant yet simple design to be produced and packaged in-house was critical.


Product Design, Prototyping


2 Months



Hearth Candle.jpg

Established in 2006 by Frederick Bouchardy as both a fragrance brand and design studio, Joya operates in a 19th Century Brooklyn rigging garage turned scented atelier. The company’s industrial space—and handmade products—pay homage to America’s explorers, entrepreneurs, artists and philosophers.

Joya’s collection of scents—Composition No. 1, Composition No. 6, Âmes Sœurs, Foxglove and Noelle—distill and capture not only plant and flower essences but also the moods and melodies of the forgotten and impossible. From Âmes Sœurs’ subterranean explorations of earth, resins and connected memories to Foxglove’s evocation of nature both wild and manicured, Joya’s perfumes dwell in the in- between and on the edge, inspired by the energy and emotion of New York and its long line of restless searchers.

- Taken off Joya Studio Official Website

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Product Line Study

Most of Joya's bestsellers are collaborations with other artists (top three candles). Besides the products of the collaboration, the most popular series has been the Composition candle and perfume. While the main determining factors of candle and perfume sales are tied to the scent of the products, the containers' form is also a major deciding factor. 

Expanding on Joya's preference for organic forms with splashes of gold, Hearth candles aim to set forth a new series focused on smoother organic forms and the warmth of candles, both the flame and the scent.

AfterlightImage (1)_edited.jpg

Hearth Candle

Hearth wants to capture the warmth and coziness of lighting a candle. Like the primal connection of safety and fire, Hearth aims to be your fireplace, providing warmth and a sense of safety. To accentuate the feeling of a fireplace, Hearth uses a wooden wick, particularly one that highlights the crackling of the burning wick. As the wax is consumed, the candle's container will act as a natural amplifier, not unlike the effect of a cave, amplifying the crackling of burning wood. The interior of the candle is also coated with reflective golden color to capture the dance of the flame as the candle burns. Finally, Hearth is designed to be smooth and organic as if meant to fit in your palms perfectly. From the form to color to material, Hearth hopes to bring forth the primal comfort of a burning flame. 


Since all products and package are done in-house, Joya needs their packaging to be as simple as possible without sacrificing experience and quality. Hearth's packaging utilities a slant cut opening to better present the features of the Hearth series. In keeping with the rest of the studio's packaging, Hearth packaging is made with 100% recyclable natural cardboard box and finished with the Hearth series seal sticker. 

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Design Process

Final Candle Board copy.jpg

Hearth Scented Candle

The warmth and comfort of a fireplace now in a candle.

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