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EEG Headphones

The EEG Headphones is a project focused on user experience and data feedback. More specifically, the EEG Headphones deal with chronic pain and provide valuable medical data to the user and medical professionals. The project aims to record and present a more "accurate" expression of pain so caretakers can better understand the emotional impacts of chronic pain and medical professionals can provide and receive more accurate diagnoses and treatment feedback.


Research, Product Design, UIUX


4 Months




Most medical devices scream medical. The EEG Headphone, however, is an inconspicuous pain management device designed for people suffering from chronic pain but doesn't want to stay out.


In collapse mode, the headphone performs like a regular headphone; however, the headphone can be opened up to activate its EEG sensor mode. The built-in EEG sensors record Alpha brainwaves during mediation to determine the user's pain data, such as tolerance, changes, and intensity. It also has an electromagnetic pulser proven to mitigate pain during meditation.


Together with Pain management apps, the EEG Headphones can guide pain meditations, record pain data, and help alleviate chronic pain. 

Chronic Pain PPT.001.jpeg

EEG Headbands

The EEG Headbands come with the same brainwave reading technology but in a lighter and softer design. Rather than relying on the standard audio output, which requires a direct connection to the ears, EEG Headbands utilize bone conduction technology. Bone conduction sends vibrations directly to the cochlea rather than the eardrums. The technology allows our ears to be open to our surrounding sounds while still being able to hear whatever is playing. The EEG Headbands are ideal for active users and prolonged wear. 

Chronic Pain PPT2.001.jpeg


WOOSA Meditation App

WOOSA Meditation App is a pain management app designed in conjunction with the EEG products. It includes functions like guided meditation, pain diary, and EEG data visualization. WOOSA hopes to provide an additional pain management method to pharmaceutical painkillers. By ritualistically following pain management meditation and keeping a well-documented pain data diary. WOOSA can help users understand their progress in pain management, as well as better inform doctors and caretakers about their treatment results.

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User Journey

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