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Chareau Stool

Designed in 1927, this is one of Pierre Chareau's iconic pieces. Fully embracing our modernity, this stool stands out as one of the great accomplishments of the 20th century.

As an introduction to furniture making, the goal was to replicate the design using only the tools I had access to, a torch and welder.  


Furniture Design, Prototyping


4 Months




This project aims to replicate the impeccable details of Pierre Chareau. This light yet robust design is made possible by cutting and bending very thin metal strips. In this particular version, the edges of the base are carefully bent onto itself by a combination of a torch, hammer work, and hydraulic press. To compensate for the increased thickness of the bended edges, a slight step fold is added at the structure's base. The stool illustrates the use of flat sheet metal and angled bars, cut, bent and assembled in a way that is almost invisible. 

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